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Hello! My name is Vyron Vasileiads aka Fedon Man. I am developer born and currently living in Greece. I specialize in designing and developing awesome web applications and sites, which run smoothly both in desktop and mobile devices. I am also acquainted with developing games using the Unity3d game engine. Last but not least, i am passionate about quantum computing and do amateur research on the subject.

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Fedon Man


BSc Computer Science and Technology

University of Peloponnese | March 2015

This 4-year degree of University of Peloponnese provides solid mathematical background, strong algorithmic skills and all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge about how computers are functioning from low (architecture, assembly programming) to high level (parallel computing, functional programming).
Thesis subject: CoveX: Quantum Circuit Simulator. Please be free to read the thesis paper and the presentation slides.

MSc Space Science Technologies and Applications

University of Peloponnese | National Observatory of Athens | ongoing

The objective of the MSc in Space Science Technologies and Applications is to thoroughly introduce and educate students both theoretically and practically in space technologies and applications. The Programme aims at developing highly qualified graduates with deep knowledge of space technologies and applications ready to pursue professional career worldwide both in industry and in research/academia. The MSc in Space Science Technologies and Applications is the first and only Higher Education Programme in Greece in the domain of Space.


Workshop on Quantum Simulations

Universidad del Pais Vasco UPV/EHU | Bilbao, Spain | 22 - 25 October 2012

Complex Quantum Systems Summer School

University of Vienna | Vienna, Austria | 22 - 26 Semptember 2014



Web Developer, R&D | March 2015 - Now

open.tech is a social cooperative on computer science and new technologies. I am one of the founding members. Amongst others, we are concerned about:
• Web Design & Development
• Open Source & Social Economy
• Innovative Technologies

Jellyfish Pirates

Web Developer, R&D | March 2013 - April 2015

Two beautiful years! Worked with Jellyfish Pirates as freelancer in various web-based projects. Technologies i used:
• LAMP stack | PHP, HTML/CSS, jQuery + libraries
• Wordpress CMS
• MEAN stack | mongo db, AngularJS, Node.js
You can find more info here.

Inspiring Career

Web and Game Developer | October 2013 - May 2014

During those 8 months in Inspiring Career, i had the chance to improve the functionality of their site as well as design and develop an educational game about safety and hygiene in co-working spaces. The site was developed using a custom php-based cms on a nginx server and using jQuery for the front-end. The game was developed using the Unity3d game engine and C#.

IT Development Spain

Web Developer | May 2012 - October 2012

Working in IT Development Spain was my first actual full-time full-stack web development experience. I had the chance to work in a friendly yet very organized environment. You can find company's website here. Also, check this awesome testimonial written by company's owner.


I am trying to become a swiss army knife. I don't like to expertize only in one field, but rather research and deep my knowledge in a broad range of technologies. My skills include sophisticated web development with multiple approaches (GLAMP stack, MEAN stack, Meteor) and beautiful styling with awesome CSS3 and JavaScript techniques. Furthermore, i can create well-designed and polished games using Unity3d game engine and programming the logic in C#. Last but not least, i have a deep interest in science and especially mathematics, cosmology and quantum computing.

  • HTML
  • CSS & SASS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP / SQL
  • Meteor.js / Angular 2 / Ionic 2
  • Photoshop
  • Unity3d / C#
  • R&D

Client Testimonials

  • Within this time I have had a pleasure to know Mr. Vasileiadis and I have to say that he has fulfilled all the tasks given in a professional and highly analytic manner. He has skills to evaluate and design variable techniques and furthermore he can select best practices for the business. He had a very special task to provide almost everything by working as a 'remote work'. This is the skill to be mentioned and highly valuable for internationally operating organizations.

    Jukka Palander, owner of IT Development Spain
  • I've worked with Byron in many projects. He is a person full of ideas and enthusiastic about his specialty. He has great skills of coding and he is a problem solver. Working with Byron is always a fun and an inspiring process.

    Notis Athanasopoulos a.k.a. Leseed, graphic designer